Tooling Solutions

All products supplied are supported directly by Aluminium Frame and Tooling Solutions Ltd.
Our partners in business enable us to provide:
  • Extruded Aluminium Construction Solutions.
  • Automatic Screwfeeding Systems. (Manual and Machine Mounted)
  • Wide range of fasteners and components.
  • Servicing and repair of tools.

Aluminium Frame and Tooling Solutions system is unique in the method of assembling the frames. We do not have to drill any holes at all for the joints. This gives a massive time saving for frame builders.

The joints can be simple undone with an Allen key and re-positioned. If a frame comes to the end of its life you simple dis-assemble the unit and re use the material in your next project. The profile is one of the strongest on the market. Aluminium Frame and Tooling Solutions Ltd joints are renowned for their strength, second only to a welded joint.

Aluminium Frame and Tooling Solutions Ltd pride themselves on the speed we can turn projects around from a sketch to a fully built frame very often on the same day. We can use your designs or design for you, supply you with just the materials to self-assemble or build for you.